Thanksgiving in Costa Rica!

Living in Costa Rica we experience amazing things every single day. It comes a moment when we are so accustom to this beauty and friendly atmosphere that it becomes so natural we forget how lucky we really are.

This Thanksgiving Day our team got together and made a list of some of the things we are grateful for that can be experience thanks to the fact that we are in Costa Rica. The list can include a million points; however, we had to settle on sharing only fifty of them. Here are a few of our favorite things.

50 Things to Be Grateful for During Thanksgiving in Costa Rica!

  1. Democracy
  2. No Army
  3. Peaceful political atmosphere
  4. Every source of energy in the country is renewable
  5. The ocean breeze
  6. Random palm trees everywhere
  7. Endless summer
  8. Great waves all the time
  9. Incredible Sunsets.
  10. Great English Church Community
  11. Great Bilingual Schools
  12. Short direct flights to tons of cool places
  13. The “pura vida” spirit
  14. S’mores on the beach
  15. Jaco Beach on a slow day
  16. The incredible mountains
  17. A great camping trip
  18. Climbing the Chirripo Mountain or any given volcano, we have a few.
  19. Random friendly animals.
  20. Incredible Biodiversity
  21. Slower lifestyle
  22. Friendly people everywhere
  23. Tide Pools
  24. Vibrant Community
  25. Volcanos
  26. Hot spring waters.
  27. Incredible Caves
  28. Living in a sports loving country
  29. Fishing (some of the best in the world)
  30. Surf
  31. Work around high tide schedule
  32. Soccer
  33. Our national soccer team going to the world cup
  34. Free salsa lessons every week
  35. Great live music
  36. Beach Volleyball
  37. Waterfalls
  38. Zip Lining
  39.  Water Rafting
  40. Canoeing
  41. Amazing Food
  42. Gallo Pinto
  43. The amazing coffee, one of the best in the world
  44. Costa Rica’s beer…incredible quality
  45. Farmers market with the fresh local produce
  46. Local Artist and Artisans
  47. Cheap dental care
  48. Universal health care
  49. Amazing water quality
  50. A whole meal for $6 (Casados)


From our team to each and everyone of you, we wish you the most wonderful Thanksgiving Day! We are grateful that you allow us to help you and we look forward to be there for you going forward.

Thankful in Costa Rica