Costa Rica medical care made simple.

When considering Costa Rica medical care as a foreigner the first concern is whether or not the doctors in are as qualified as those in their respective country.  Costa Rica has high quality physicians, doctors and dentists.   A high percentage of Costa Rica medical care specialists have even done some of all of their training in North America.

Just the basics please?

Costa Rica Medical Care, Costa Rica medical care | high quality physicians, doctors, dentist and specialist | Costa Rica Medical Care basic guide | CIMA Hospital, Clinica BiblicaCosta Rica offers some of the best health care in Latin America. Both the private and public health care systems are continuously being upgraded. New hospitals, new clinics, new machines, and improvement in staff and training. World Health Organization’s statistics often place Costa Rica in the top country rankings in the world for long life expectancy. Their top hospitals are internationally accredited and have taken steps to become internationally accredited by organizations like the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the American Association for Accreditation for Ambulatory Surgery Facilities International (AAAASFI).

Excellence is as important in Costa Rica’s culture as the US. The difference is they slow down the frantic pace, combine excellent medical care with beautiful tropical surroundings and a relaxed approach to recovery.

Why are people coming over to Costa Rica for their medical procedures?

Travel to Costa Rica is affordable. Combining a mini vacation with medical treatment is far more desirable and healing than being scooted out of a hospital room or surgical center to go home to responsibilities that aren’t getting done.

Because of inefficiencies, skyrocketing costs and long wait times to see specialist in the United States and Canada, Costa Rica is developing a reputation for both ease and excellence in medical care. The landscape of medical care is turning tide and individuals are finding it convenient and cost effective to travel to Costa Rica to have surgeries and dental work done. This is true especially with elective surgery that isn’t covered by medical insurance.

Are the Costa Rica medical care specialist and facilities regulated and safe?

In Costa Rica there are four large private hospitals; CIMA in the suburbs of San Jose, Clínica Biblica in the center of San Jose, Clínica Católica and Hospital Clinica UNIBE in the suburbs of San Jose. In addition to complying with local credentials three of those hospitals are internationally accredited.

Many of Costa Rica’s physicians, dentists and doctors are educated in American or European medical schools. The training they receive is rigorous and must be fully accredited by Costa Rica’s governing medical body, The Ministry of Health. Better known in Costa Rica as Ministerio de Salud, they provide oversight and regulation of the Costa Rician healthcare industry. Many times physicians, dentists and doctors go through school with an agreement that they will return to their native country to practice.

International standards require that Costa Rica’s medical hospitals and clinics have safe and secure facilities and equipment. Many hospitals and clinics are up to date in the procedures and services that they offer. Their equipment is state of the art often imported from the US.

They are constantly being upgraded to keep up with evolving and ever-changing medical field. Just like in your home country, be cautious and choose providers who have taken the initiative to go through the rigorous requirements to become internationally accredited by organizations like the Joint Commission International (JCI) or the American Association for Accreditation for Ambulatory Surgery Facilities International (AAAASFI).

HuliHealth is a referral service that allows prospective patient’s to search for, review and book doctors online. Their doctors are board certified and recommended by top specialists. Potential patients can find the information they need to be confident that they will receive superior care. This includes languages doctors speak, education, experience, and even affiliations.

I don’t speak Spanish, are there Doctor’s that speak English in Costa Rica?

Americans are often surprised to hear that many Costa Rican doctors speak excellent English and communicate with ease and confidence with their American patient’s. In most cases, they train at universities in the U.S. or Europe where English is required. In Costa Rica English is frequently compulsory in some primary and secondary schools. Referral services like HuliHealth can assist prospective patients with finding doctors that speak English.

Where is the best place to find a Costa Rica medical care specialist?

Costa Rica medical care is one of the major focuses of tourism.    In 2011, San José, the capital of Costa Rica, registered 46,474 foreign patients.  This number continues to rise as medical tourists in Costa Rica grows in popularity . Nearly one-quarter of Americans now have passports and flights to Central America are more affordable than ever and that number was estimated to be close to 100,000.

To find the best Costa Rica medical care specialist we suggest that you go to the best hospitals.