Those of you who are looking to relocate with your kids need look no further… There are some great private schools here in Costa Rica and this blog will make your research easier. The following options are recognized by the government of Costa Rica:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Costa Rica Education systemCentral Pacific Area:

1. Centro Educativo Inmaculada Escuela de Jaco

2. Escuela Las Nubes:

3. Jaco Learning Center:

4. Ficus Tree School- Tel: 2643-3370 89947821,,

Central Valley Area:

1. American International School of Costa Rica which works on the US calendar year. Located in Cariari, San José, Costa Rica.

2. Anglo American School. Bilingual = English & French. About $300 per month.

3. British School. Bilingual = English & Spanish. $420-$490 per month.

4. Blue Valley School. Bilingual = English & Spanish. About $500 per month.

Costa Rica Private SchoolsCosta Rica School Activities5. Franz Liszt Schule & Kiwi Learning Centre Preschool in Santa Ana. Spanish, German & English.

6. Country Day School. Escazu, Costa Rica. About $825 per month.

7. Colegio Calasanz in San Pedro de Montes de Oca for 47 years.

8. European School. Heredia, Costa Rica. About $400 per month.

9. Humboldt College. Trilingual = Spanish, German & English. About $331 per month.

10. Iribo School. Bilingual = English & Spanish. For girls only.

11. La Palabra de Vida. Bilingual = English & Spanish Christian School.

12. La Salle. Bilingual = English & Spanish for young women only.

13. Lighthouse International School. An interdenominational Christian school in Guachipelin de Escazu.

14. Lincoln School. English. San José, Costa Rica. About $467 – $528 per month.

15. Marian Baker School. Bilingual – Spanish & English. San José, Costa Rica. About $612 per month.

16. MonteAlto School. Heredia, Costa Rica. Bilingual = English & Spanish.

17. Academy For SEAS- Tel 8651-4136 or USA541-393-8844,

Please note that these are approximate prices and may have changed by the time you speak with the school.