The Central Valley, Costa Rica

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Lifestyle Overview: The central valley is the political, economic and cultural center and home to the nation’s capital city, San Jose. It is known for its proximity to amenities and services, excellent health care, shopping, museums, theaters, government buildings, Private schools and Universities and much more. San Jose and the surrounding suburbs offer all the activities and interest that you would expect in a city lifestyle.
Demographic: Seventy percent of Costa Rica’s population lives in the Central Valley You will need to speak Spanish in most of the areas but can find English speaking pockets in some of the more popular areas. Many expats relocate to this area for retirement and to work at branches of multinational corporations which call the Central Valley home.
Climate: The Valley is approximately 1,150 meters or 3,773 feet above sea level and the weather is one of the area’s main draws. For those who don’t do well with heat or humidity, the Central Valley’s mild and dry climate is a perfect solution with average temperatures in the mid-70s Fahrenheit. See our Weather post for more details.
Airport and Infrastructure: The San Jose International Airport is within an and half to most of the coastal towns. The main highway is in great condition and most of the main side roads are also in great condition. Some of the side roads in the less populated areas are still dirt.
REAL EASTE: Starting from the heart of San Jose going out you will find everything from the urban city, suburban neighborhoods to the country side.

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City Overviews: Some of the most popular expat areas around San José include (click on the city name for more information): Sabana, Rohmoser, Escazú, Santa Ana, Cuidad Colon, Atenas, Belen, Alajuela, Heredia, Grecia, Cartago, Sarchí, Arenal, Monteverde, and San Isidro