Carli Torti Freelance Studio Artist, Website Content WriterCarli Torti is a native born Texan that is currently living in Jaco, Costa Rica. She is a studio artist, website content writer, and all around skilled in adapting to new challenges and tasks. She relocated in Jaco, February 2016, to partner with an up and coming ministry house, Ocean Edge. Working as Creativity Director for Oceans Edge consist of art and creativity classes, vision building, hospitality on the property, and  helping to host and lead Christian mission teams that come to volunteer and serve Jaco.

Freelance Studio ArtistCarli Torti Freelance Studio Artist, Website Content Writer (2)

Carli went to the University of North Texas, where she received her BFA in Studio Art with a focus in drawing & painting. “When your parents ask you what you want to be when you grow up, before you have any idea of what a grown-up even is, I said I wanted to be an artist. Then I forgot about that 4 year old dream, until I ended up actually being an artist. It’s funny how life has a purpose whether we know it or not.”-Carli Torti. Her media preference is watercolor and ink on paper, or acrylic on canvas. Although she prefers paper or canvas productions, she is a skilled studio artist, which means she can produce almost any type of art, sculpture, ceramics, metalsmith, fibers, video/ photography, and mixed media.

 Website Content Writer

Carli is a lucrative writer, showcasing the business or company in a fun creative writing style. One that promotes the business and simultaneously lets the reader feel involved and interested in whatever and whomever they are reading about. She includes SEO promotion, pictures, and is genuinely excited about promoting the business she writes for. Website content writer is another profession that allows Carli to work while leaving liberty to continue her studio artist profession and simultaneously volunteering in the community.

Hiring a Freelance Worker

Freelance workers are great Business and corporation additions. They provide unbiased production, outsider feedback, and benefit local workers. Carli is available for work based on submission and commission based on project. She can be contacted through her website, email, or local phone number. She is based in Jaco, Costa Rica and always welcomes a friendly hello.

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