I am sure you will love Costa Rica. I went there for the first time with my husband 5 years ago. We took the organized Caravan tour, 8 days coast to coast. It was great, we liked everything there, the beautiful nature, mountains, oceans, colorful plants and animals. Since that trip we started planning our retirement in Costa Rica. Last March we went to Jaco to look at some properties. First we focussed on visiting the new developments and looking at land to purchase. Before the trip we explored the new developments like Vista Pacifica and Hacienda Matapalo on the Internet and everything sounded promising. But in person it was a different story. It will take another 20 years to develop these areas, what they have on the websites is completely different from what they are selling. After looking for 2 days with high pressure sales representative we decided to change realtor. We also wanted to see existing homes because the development idea was definitely not appealing to us.

We spotted this nice little house close to the ocean. It was a REMAX Jaco real estate listing, so I called her to schedule showing. We met our REMAX agent by the house, she took us inside but we did not like the layout. We asked her if we could see other properties in our price range. She spend two days with us. She is very professional, she knows the market, has a lot of experience and real estate knowledge. She is nice, friendly and patient, a pleasure to spend time with. She  helped us to find and purchase the perfect house. She arranged everything to make the closing smooth, even without our presence, we couldn’t attend it. She also has a degree and many years of experience in interior design. I am coming to Costa Rica next week and she will spend with me 4 days helping me to furnish the home, buy appliances and everything we need. We highly recommend working with REMAX and have no doubts that they will help you find your dream house.

Enjoy Costa Rica and good luck-

Olga and Robert Kolodziejczyk

Bloomington, IL