clip_image004[4]LIFESTYLE OVERVIEW: Escazú is known as the “Beverly Hills” of Costa Rica. This area is home to the US and British Ambassador, several embassies and is one of the most popular expat areas. There are many fine restaurants, chic bars and an excellent nightlife. Banks, pharmacies, shops and a modern shopping mall, grocery stores and even an 18-hole championship golf course can be found here, along with the only IMAX movie theater in the country.

clip_image004DEMOGRAPHIC: This zone is one of the most developed parts in the metropolitan area, populated by families with high incomes.

clip_image002CLIMATE: This area is located only 9 kilometers west of the heart of San José city with an elevation of 1,101 meters above sea level. The climate is moist tropical: it is not unknown for Escazú to experience rainfall on a day in which San José is dry and sunny.

clip_image002[4]REAL EASTE: Real Estate and Rental prices reflect the reputation of the area. You will find a variety of upscale options including gated communities, plush condos and a luxurious country club with scenic views over the city.

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