IMG_0089The weather in Costa Rica varies dramatically by region. Forecasts for the larger cities are not good indicators of the conditions in Jaco. At Jaco beach, daytime temperatures in the HIGH SEASON (Mid-December through April) are generally in the upper 80’s and nighttime lows are in the 70’s. In the GREEN SEASON (May through Mid-December) daytime highs are in the low 80’s and nighttime lows are in the lower 70’s. Expect rain in the green season, though it is likely to be preceded by sunshine and followed by sunshine. Rain is less likely in the high season but is not uncommon. Unlike Jaco, since San Jose is at altitude, it can get chilly in the evening – particularly in the green season.

What to Pack

CIMG8299Jaco is extremely casual – shorts, swimwear and sandals are okay everywhere. Long pants are unnecessary for Jaco but may be desired for San Jose or any special events you may have planned.

You may also want to consider clothing needed for any tours you might desire. If you plan a short trip over to Manuel Antonio Park, a jungle Canopy Tour or an ATV expedition, you’ll need sturdy tennis shoes or hiking shoes. If you plan a fishing excursion or golf at Los Suenos Resort, pack appropriately. The sun can be intense here, so remember your sunscreen, hat and sunglasses. Flip-flops or beach shoes are a good idea. All of these things can also be purchased readily in town!