This story is not just about a family’s Costa Rica relocation  it is a transition from entitlement to appreciation.  Tim and Kim Giannone tell their story:

Pura Vida Mode

What made us consider a Costa Rica relocation?  The answer is in the definition of Pura Vida: “all in due time, but with a smile”.  If you ever wondered what life is like in “Pura Vida mode”, it is like living in slow motion, in full appreciation while in awe of every living thing and doing this with a genuine sense of being content . Yep, sounds great right?

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We moved to Costa Rica for just that. Living in the states with two teenage boys who had everything their heart could ever desire, the big house, new cars, ATV’s, every new gaming system, a material wealth of “stuff”.  And yet, I felt our boys had little or no appreciation for anything we had….it was just a given. They wanted something, they got it. Ok fine, maybe sometimes they had to ask twice. But boy did we all feel “entitled!” (yes, including me).

Reduced to a Shipping Container

There had to be more we could offer our kids than that. How do we teach them the value of life, the appreciation of things, the love of family togetherness? Let’s sell it all, quit our careers and move to the land of Pura Vida. Costa Rica relocation, what??? A family of four, dad 48, mom (let’s just say 30 something :-), son 16 and son 13.

It took us two years from decision to actual commit to our Costa Rica relocation, but we did it. We decided to reduce our “stuff” down to a 20-foot container which we shipped to Costa Rica.

We sold our house and mostly everything in it, our cars, trucks, Atv’s, motorcycles, furniture, our business and all equipment

Costa Rica Relocation to Happier

And here we are, almost three years into our journey and happier than I could ever imagine! We have new friends, learning a new language, adjusting to a new culture, new work and cyber school. We don’t have much “stuff” ( although it’s amazing what you can stuff in a 20-foot container that was on your “cannot live without and MUST make it to Costa Rica” list and that remains packed away in the same plastic bins we stuffed in the container three years ago)

We live in a very modest 2 bedroom home without kitchen cabinets and our newest car is from 2007.

Do my sons realize or appreciate the reason for moving here….probably not yet, but hopefully it will have changed their “entitled” teen minds 😉 You can see some of our transition in the video below as we participated in a House Hunters International show

Life’s too short not to live a long and happy life in Pura Vida mode…

Best decision ever! 😉

Your Pura Vida Ambassadors

Tim and Kim Giannone