Costa Rica boasts a pleasant climate, many protected environmental reserves, and a safe and stable political and economic state.

The cost of living is low and healthcare and dentistry are sometimes 50-70% lower than it is in the US and excellent in quality. Phone lines, cell phone services, Cable TV, High-Speed Internet and clean, drinkable water are available throughout the country, setting the premise for a comfortable lifestyle. With the ocean at your back door and all the technological amenities at your fingertips, Costa Rica is definitely the optimal combination between vacation ease and everyday life.

Costa Rica Market Update tree frogIf you are considering the Beach then  Jacó Beach and the Central Pacific are your best bet with friendly locals, good infrastructure, entertainment, fully titled beachfront property, residential developments, five-star hotels, luxury dining, golf courses, tennis courts, conference centers and marinas all within a hours drive to San Jose, the capital city.

Costa Rica has not been affected by the global financial crisis as profound as in other countries because if it’s historically conservative lending practices. However, there are many foreigners who own property here that have found themselves in financial trouble and need to sell at deeply discounted prices in order to get back on their feet again soon.  

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Hannah Rico Fletcher – Broker/Owner          FOR RENTALS