Buying Tips

Step 1. Find a qualified agent in the area of interest. Experience is the most important factor in selecting a real estate agent in Jaco Beach. Using a qualified and licensed agent in Costa Rica will save you time and money. Not only will he/she do much of the grunt work, your agent will possess a deeper market knowledge, which is especially important in a market without a multiple listing system.

L809 Commerce Parc- Remax Jaco Costa Rica Commercial DealStep 2. Define your interest. Start by developing a complete definition of your requirements. Clearly communicating your requirement with your agent in advance will save you time, and avoid starting in the wrong direction.

  •  Are you going to occupy it or are you buying it strictly as an investment?
  •  What area and vicinity is of most interest to you?
  •  What are your investment objectives?
  •  Are you paying cash for the property if you need to finance it do you have a lender that you work with?

Step 3. Conduct inspection tours. Your broker will help sift through all the undesirable properties to narrow down your search so you can determine which best meets your expectations. As you view the properties try to rank them based on which meet your most important requirements (ie anything you cannot live without vs. what you might be able to work around and those desirable-but-not-necessary items.

Step 4. Make an Offer. Once you are ready your broker can help you write a successful purchase offer opening up open negotiations in order to reach an economic agreement. It will typically two weeks to thirty days to review the legal documentation and complete the due diligence on the corporation and property.

Hot Commercial Deal

Listing ID: L809 * BEST COMMERCIAL DEAL!! 7 High End Finishes

REMAX Jaco Commercial Real Estate
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Property Features: FINANCING AVAILABLE!! PRICE REDUCED !! Includes 7 retail spaces with high end finishes and 7 more with permits. Within walking distance to the Jaco Beach. Perfect for an office branch or small business locals. 1.410 m2 Invest now!  Fire Sale: $350,000.00 

Request Info from : Hannah Fletcher with RE/MAX Connection

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